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Cost of drmnow! multi-drm

Our prices can vary and are based on volumes of video content, popularity of video, choice of plan, etc.
Send us a request to get private cost of your project. We will consult you free of charge, and together with you, we will pick up necessary conditions of co-operation and acceptable price.

DRM License Checking

Rent a License Check Server (content is protected from your side)

+ check 100,000 licenses per month

€235 per month

Then €0.08/request

LIVE Protection

drmnow! multi-drm protection
+ check 100,000 licenses per month

€300 per month

+ €50 per month, for transcoding

VOD Protection & storage

VOD storage + drmnow! multi-drm protection + check 100,000 licenses per month

€300 per month

+ from €30/TB, VOD storage

To calculate your own cost of DRM services, send us a request describing of facts that we should include, approximate volume of traffic or number of your viewers per day / month.

Demo DRM

Proceed to demo-page with our html5 player, supporting drmnow! multi-drm and technology of display of the advertising VAST 3.0 /VPAID 2.0, as well as SCTE-35.

There you can watch VOD protected by drmnow! multi-drm. For a view, the video proceeds on reference and click to button “Start test”. If you want to check our service on your VOD-file, contact us. DRM protection of your video in test mode is produced for all DRM, besides FairPlay from Apple.

Additional options

Cost of CDN

For delivery of protected video, you will need a content delivery network or CDN. We recommend to use our products DRM and CDN as the complex of services, but you can use any other network. Our prices on CDN starts from €50/TB in Europe coverage. Pay-as-you-go model.

Cost of VOD storage

Video protection and storage. If you need DRM-protection for video records (video on demand, VOD) unprotected files can be stored on our servers, protection of which is executed at request from Player (the program of reproductions of a video). Then you need a total spectrum of services: protection, storage, the server of licenses for video.

Only storage. You can trust us as well already protected by you content for delivery it through our CDN network.

data volume for 1 TB per month
≤ 10 ТБ €40
11–20 ТБ €35
21–50 ТБ €30
≥ 51 ТБ personal price

Volume of stored data is considered as monthly average value. No monthly fee.

Cost of LIVE or VOD transcoding

LIVE Transcoding — € 50 per month

There is transcoding video into different qualities (360, 480, 720, 1080p and any others) and codecs.
Transcoding of the LIVE stream occurs before its protection and player reproduces already protected stream of desired quality and format.

VOD Transcoding — is free

If you need video transcoding service from original quality to another, then at storage VOD provided by our company and service of transcoding will be free for you. You pay only storage of files (original quality + recoded).

Total cost of DRM protection

For some people is very important to count up total value, to know prices to each service separately, but some prefers fixed monthly payment as “all inclusive” and calculate his annual budget based on it. We will prepare to offer exactly for your business, taking into account your wishes and requirements.

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