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How DRM works? Types of DRM and technical information

There are several types of DRM.
Its division is justified by adaptation of the technology under devices, software or operating systems. Below are presented those ones, which we support:

FairPlayby Apple

Format HLS

System / browser: Desktop MacOS: Safari (8+); iOS: mobile applications; Apple TV.

As well is supported encryption AES-128, is required for iPhone or iPad for protection of video in browser.

Widevine Modular DRMby Google


System / browser: Desktop Windows, Linux, MacOS: Google Chrome (35+), Mozilla Firefox (47+), Opera (31+); Android (4.3+): Google Chrome; Chromecast, Android TV.

PlayReadyby Microsoft

Format MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming

System / browser: Desktop Windows: Internet Explorer (11+), Edge; Chromecast, Android TV, Google TV, Smart TV.

How DRM works?

The principle of all DRM operation is easy:

In such a manner, user is limited in normal access to video, because basically rights belong to you. License can limit access to video on time and duration of viewing (for example, during month, but no more than 10 hours), as well as enables watch to analog / digital devices.


For protection of online streaming we have live packager

At converting RTMP live stream in HLS / DASH formats we protect it with Multi-DRM and supply opportunity of display of personified advertising with SCTE-35.

We supply DRM protection of VOD content

We have experience of DRM protection of VOD content (Video on Demand).

AWS Elemental Live, Delta MediaConvert, MediaLive and MediaPackage

AWS Elemental Delta

We provide integration with AWS Elemental. To protect MPEG-DASH video, we are used Widevine and PlayReady, and for HLS format, FairPlay protection.

Integration performed by protocol Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE). It allows to securely transfer keys for all products AWS Elemental: Live, Delta, MediaConvert, MediaLive and MediaPackage.

What do you need to work with DRM?

To work with DRM will need:

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