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DRM LIVE packager

DRM LIVE packager implements a program converting of audio/video from RTMP to HLS / DASH formats, executing protection with an aid of DRM.

Besides DRM live packager processes SCTE-35 in RTMP and transmits it in HLS / DASH (SCTE-35 is formed on studio equipment and intended for direction places of start and finish of the advertising).


Specialised player with SCTE-35 support, being oriented to labels in HLS / DASH, displays to users personified advertising that grants opportunities for additional income.

So, to work with that type of DRM will be paid back even faster. And it is , at least, one more argument to make a decision to send us a request right now.

Input stream

  • RTMP

Streaming formats

  • HLS
  • DASH

Encryption standards

  • CENC

For HLS / DASH are supported

  • Subtitles
  • SCTE-35
  • Tags of exact time
  • Adaptive playlists (multi-bitrate)
  • Individual Playlist Formats
  • Record broadcasts for later viewing


  • Linux
  • FreeBSD

Use cases

  • Licensing of the program code
  • Rent of hardware and software complex
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if you want to convert rtmp in HLS / DASH and to protect it with an aid of DRM

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