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FairPlay Streaming DRM from Apple

FairPlay Streaming (FPS) — DRM technology created for control of access to video, within the limits of issued production company . FairPlay is included to software QuickTime, and is used in iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes, iTunes Store and App Store.

If you want to broadcast protected video under conditions of real time (LIVE) or on demand (VOD) to Apple device, drmnow will grant you decision for technology FairPlay Streaming.

For supplying of protection Apple FairPlay to you is required to receive keys from Apple (proceed to section “Request Deployment Package”). It will require from you registration of your company in the Apple database of the payment of annual instalment about $100 and confirmation of the rights to the content.

Supported format

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)



Besides we support encryption AES-128 which just and will not admit legal owners reliable DRM, but is required in some specific cases. For example, on iPhone or iPad for protection of video in browser.

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