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DRM. Controlling access to video content

Piracy of video became a headache for you? Probably you want to prevent it? In any case, we understand you.

No one should work for free!

Intellectual property, as well as any result of labour, needs reliable protection, including protection from non-authorised access. Ordering one of our plans, you will forget about problems associated with video piracy. All these is about DRM technologies.
And now about all in order.

Term “DRM”

DRM — it is Digital Rights Management.
It is system, or in other words, several systems which limit a pirate access to video.

drmnow! multi-drm. Detailed information

The DRM system limits various actions with video: copying, modification and viewing. Access is opened by the key generated at purchase, respectively, probability of breaking and free access is practically equal to zero. However, even access purchase does not give right to normal use; copying and modification will stay inaccessible or limited for user.

For different platforms usually different DRM are used. For example, users macOS / iOS can get access to the content with license DRM FairPlay from Apple, users Android either browser Google Chrome — with Widevine Modular from Google, and users Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge or SmartTV — with Playready from Microsoft. Since 2020, Huawei has developed its own digital content copyright protection solution for Huawei WisePlay DRM phones and tablets.

To control access to content and not allow unlicensed copying, we offer to take advantage of our drmnow! multi-drm system, which works with main licenses suppliers. Here we are talking about Apple, Google and Microsoft. A main advantage of drmnow! multi-drm is an opportunity to work with diverse devices and browsers.

Protecting your video from piracy

Types of DRM that we support / technical information

It is important to know!

Control of access to video is a key purpose of using DRM.

Why Choose Us?

No matter what plans of services you are ordering, you invest into your own business. Setting an access control to your video will quickly pay off if your target audience will buy license keys. You will keep your advantage not only from copyright, but also financially.

In case if you are interested in profitable investment to one's content it is important to contact specialists knowing one's business.

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Cost of DRM

Everyone of our customers is unique with regard to his requirements and volumes of protected content. We create a proposal, the most appropriate to your needs, based on tasks, with which you will approach us.

Rates for authors webinars, musical groups, online stream channels or online TV can differ considerably from each other. We give an example of estimated cost, where our services are calculated for 100,000 license requests per month

DRM License Checking

Rent a License Check Server (content is protected from your side)

+ check 100,000 licenses per month

€235 per month

Then €0.08/request

LIVE Protection

drmnow! multi-drm protection
+ check 100,000 licenses per month

€300 per month

+ €50 per month, for transcoding

VOD Protection & storage

VOD storage + drmnow! multi-drm protection + check 100,000 licenses per month

€300 per month

+ from €30/TB, VOD storage

For calculation of cost of DRM services for your purpose, send us a request with the description of all facts you would like to include, approximate traffic volume or amount of your viewers per day / month inform.

Demo DRM

Proceed to demo-page with our html5 player, supporting drmnow! multi-drm and technology of display of advertising VAST 3.0 /VPAID 2.0, as well as SCTE-35.

On this page you can watch VOD protected by drmnow! multi-drm. For view the video proceed on reference and click to button “Start test”. If you want to check our service on your VOD-file, contact us. DRM protection of your video in test mode is produced for all DRM, besides FairPlay from Apple.